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Seattle Events: February 2019

February 1, 2019 @ 11:05AM

Happy February, everyone! It’s still pretty cold and damp outside, but at least it’s a short month, right? Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there are a lot of exciting events happening around Seattle this month, and we’d like to share some of our favorites for your consideration.

Saturday, February 2 - Great Seattle Seed Swap @ Phinney Center

If you’re a gardener, the Great Seattle Seed Swap is your chance to meet up with other Seattleites to trade seeds and expand the diversity of your garden. Unfortunately Washington is the only state with legal marijuana that still doesn’t allow home cultivation, so it’s probable that nobody will be showing up with OG Chem or Gelato 45 seeds to trade. Hopefully the “alternative” seed swap will be happening behind the Phinney Center building.

Saturday, February 2 - Belgian Fest @ Fisher Pavillion

Local brewers celebrate Belgium’s rich beer culture at the 10th Annual Belgian Fest. Sample dubbels, trippels, saisons, and other Belgian style beers without having to leave the Pacific Northwest!

February 2 & 3 - SR-99 Step Forward

It seemed like Bertha was never going to finish the tunnel she was boring beneath downtown, but after 4 years of stopping and starting, the SR-99 tunnel is finally finished! Explore the tunnel on foot or by bike this weekend before it opens to the public.

Friday, February 8 - Witch Mountain @ Substation

Portland-based doom metal act Witch Mountain is headlining a 2-stage event at Substation with our friends from Witch Ripper! You can expect to see me there along with budtender Sean, and I’m sure Bree will try to make it out because she’s totally in love with the bassist from Witch Ripper.

EDIT 2/8/2019: This event is cancelled due to #snowpocalypse2019. 

Saturday, February 9 - Beecher’s Cheese For All @ Block 41

We Seattleites love Beecher’s cheese just as much (if not more) than the tourists... I can’t tell you how many times I've visited the Beecher’s store at Pike Place Market and acted like a tourist just so I could gobble up free samples. Beechers' Cheese For All is an event featuring 8 to 10 chefs that incorporate Beecher’s cheese into their burgers, mac and cheese, and more. The $49 ticket includes 2 drinks and tastes from every participating chef.

Saturday, February 9 - Le Butcherettes @ Sunset Tavern

Fronted by Teri Gender Bender, Le Butcherettes are a garage punk band from Guadalajara who have toured with big names like The Mars Volta, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Deftones. Say hi to bud tender Dylan if you see him at the show.

Sunday, February 10 - ”Lake City" Book Reading @ Seattle Public Library: Lake City

Last month we promoted the release of Seattle author Thomas Kohnstamm’s new novel set here in our scenic locale of Lake City. This month, Kohnstamm will be reading from Lake City at the Lake City branch of the public library from 2 to 3:30pm. Light a joint, eat a bag of Dick’s, and get ready for story time!

EDIT 2/8/2019: This event is cancelled due to #snowpocalypse2019.

Monday, February 11 - Naked Yoga @ Gallery Erato

I can’t wait for summer to start so I can write about all the bizarre happenings at the local nudist resort, but in the meanwhile, I get to talk about the naked yoga class happening at Gallery Erato this month! Try to get a spot in the front row, or you’ll spend the rest of your Monday night trying to block out the image of dangling scrotums in Downward Dog pose. Namaste the hell away from this event, and you might too after you read their erection policy.

Thursday, February 14 - Weed School: House of Cultivar @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Our friends at House of Cultivar will be here from 4 to 7pm to talk about their premium indoor flower. All their products will be 15% off!

Thursday, February 14 - After Hours at the Aquarium @ Seattle Aquarium

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s go to the aquarium on Valentine’s day to learn about animal mating rituals! Highlights include booze, a DJ, and fascinating discussions about self-cloning sea anemones and hermaphroditic sea slugs. 

February 14-16 - The Blind Cafe @ First & Bell

What could be more romantic than dining on a mystery menu in total darkness while live music plays?

February 15 & 16 - Chris D’Elia @ The Moore

Best known as the star of Undateable, Chris D’Elia comes off as the sort of comedian you want to dislike, but his hysterical facial expressions paired with his cynical commentary make it impossible not to laugh.

Saturday, February 16 - Post Valentine’s Day Vegan Bake Sale @ Vegan Haven

The volunteers of Vegan Haven are hosting a bake sale! All the proceeds will be donated to Pigs Peace Animal Sanctuary, so get your munch on for a good cause.

Monday, February 18 - Ja Rule and Ashanti @ The Showbox

By now most everyone has seen at least one of the 2 documentaries about the Fyre Festival disaster, and just in case you didn’t get your fill of Ja Rule, here’s your chance to see the early 2000’s rapper in the flesh with his accomplice Ashanti. At least, I hope it’s an actual concert this time and not just an elaborate scam...

Thursday, February 21 - Weed School: Phat Panda @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! The folks from Phat Panda will be here from 4-7pm to talk about their quality buds, killer edibles, and affordable prerolls. All Phat Panda and Hot Sugar products will be 15% off!

Tuesday, February 26 - Cannibal Corpse @ The Showbox

We (I) typically try to highlight only one metal show every month, but we would be doing a disservice to the metal community and Washington as a whole if we didn’t mention Cannibal Corpse playing at The Showbox! Cover your neck with Ceres' Dragon Balm topical in preparation for a memorable evening of headbanging and guttural death metal vocals… just don’t expect to see guitarist Pat O’Brien there.

Thursday, February 28 - Weed School: Virginia Co. @ Herbn Elements

Class is in session! Our friends from Virginia Co. will be here from 4 to 7pm to discuss their clean and consistent aeroponic cannabis. All their products will be 15% off!

Those are our favorite Seattle events happening this February. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to visit our pot shop at 11013 Lake City Way NE for flower, joints, vape cartridges, edibles, and everything else you’ll need to do Seattle proper.

Article by Ramsey Doudar; an in-house marketing and social media strategist at Herbn Elements. His perspective is influenced by 2 years of budtending, 5 years as a cannabis industry marketing professional, and 10+ years of being a super picky medical patient.